Toilet Repair Los Angeles

Toilet Repair Los Angeles

Having Toilet Issues in Ones Los Angeles or Burbank Home?

There is no question that ones toilet gets a lot of use and is probably most used bathroom plumbing fixture.  Thankfully, one should gets years or trouble-free use from a residential toilet, so it may be a confusing situation to know what to do to manage a situation where ones toilet is not functions as it should.   You are in luck, though, for we have years of experience in quickly solving any type of needed toilet repair, replacement or new installation throughout the greater Los Angeles area.  If you are having any of the following issues here below,let us know soon!

Typical Toiler Repair Situations

  • The toilet just will not flush. Check to see if the water level inside the tank is low. The lift chain might have too much slack in it to work properly. There might be an issue with the flapper too.
  • If the toilet will not stop running, there might be a problem in the fill tank. We can do some tests to see what exactly is going on.
  • The toilet handle sticks or is loose. Check to see if there is some buildup of lime on the mounting nut, which is the nut holding the handle on inside the tank. A simple cleaning of this part will usually do the trick.
    If the toilet is really noisy, there are several different things that could be going on. It would be best for us to inspect to see what the issue is. First check to make sure the water supply line is fully open. If so, it could be a seal or valve issue somewhere else.
  • If water is noticed on the floor around the toilet. It could mean the tank is cracked, the wax seal is not sealing any longer, or a tank bolt or washer is not sealing properly. If the weather has been hot and humid, one may get some condensation on the toilet when the toilet tank is colder than the water entering the toilet after it is flushed. Don’t wait to have a leaking toilet fixed, for the water that is visible now, may have been leaking for a while already. The sooner the leak is repaired, the better for the flooring below the toilet. It can be a costly repair if the subfloor has to be replaced in the bathroom, or more if the toilet is located on a second floor of the home.

Our Los Angeles Toilet Installation Details

There are a lot mot options today for a replacement toilet than that of years ago.  Hopefully it has been years since you have needed a new toilet to understand that point. With our recommendations for the perfect type of toilet to meet the needs of your family, we will get a replacement toilet installed quickly.

When we take out the current toilet one has installed we will examine all the plumbing pipes to be sure they are in good shape. This will make sure that the new toilet will not create a water leak in an old water pipe that may not be able to handle the pressure of having a new plumbing fixture connected on it.  If for any reason a section of plumbing pipes need to be repiped, we are able to handle this job too.

We will then make certain the new toilet flushes accurately as it was designed to, and naturally we will leave your house clean and mess free too.

Check out theses toilet preventative maintenance tips here and here to learn more also.

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Toilet Repair Burbank CA

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