Slab Leak Repair and Detection Los Angeles

Slab Leak Repair Los Angeles

Los Angeles Slab Leak Detection Steps

The first thing that we are going to do in testing for a potential slab leak in ones Los Angeles home is to test the water pressure.  This will help identify if one of our digital slab leak detection service is needed. We can also test ones plumbing fixtures with electronic leak detection equipment to detect and pinpoint a leaking plumbing pipe.

How Do Slab Leaks Happen?

Slab leaks can occur in ones Los Angeles house for a variety of reasons. The first is if the ground around ones home is composed of clay, it may be vulnerable to moisture variances. Whenever water is added to clay, it is going to expand and press upwards. This will create pressure on a home’s foundation from below. Over time, the concrete slab can push upward then too, creating a break in the water pipes inside the concrete foundation slab. If this happens, it is easy for the water from the broken water pipes to flood the ground floor. Sewer lines can also be broken with this movement, which is an even bigger mess to clean up and more costly repair to be made.

A second explanation just how a Los Angeles Slab Leak Repair may possibly begin is through regular plumbing pipe wear and tear. In homes where copper pipes were originally used (discussed here), and in conjunction with the quality of the property’s water, pipe breakdown can happen at some point. Pinhole leaks can form. The seeping water will work its way to the surface through the slab.

Warning Signs of a Possible Burbank Slab LeakSlab Leak Repair Burbank CA

Be on the lookout for any of these slab leak warning signs.  It is important to notice them as soon as possible.

Floors are damp
Increased water bills
Running water is heard while plumbing fixtures are not in use
Cracks in the foundation
Grass or vegetation around the foundation grows unevenly
Temperature differences in sections of the slab floor
Water pressure has decreased
Odors are coming through the floor or walls

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Slab Leak Detection Los Angeles

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