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Repiping Los Angeles

The leading reason we see for Los Angeles or Burbank homeowners to need a repipe job is due having older galvanized or soft copper plumbing pipes in ones home.  As the years go by with water flowing through these types of water pipes they will deteriorate and rust.  For homes that are on a concrete slab, the copper pipes may start leaking since copper is a soft material, causing a slab leak. Eventually, we may need to perform a repiping service in your LA home.

In terms of fixing ones plumbing pipes, we use only the best piping materials for our repipe jobs.   We want to  make sure ones plumbing system will last for several decades to come without there being any water leaks. Some of the major benefits with new plumbing pipes are the increased water pressure one will discover, no water odors, and no noises from ones plumbing pipes.

Why Have a Los Angeles Repiping Service Carried Out?Repiping Burbank CA

Eventually, it is rust that creates problems inside the water pipes. As it builds up within galvanized water pipes, it will lead to restricted water flow as gunk and rust buildup inside ones plumbing pipes. As this continues, ones water pressure will then decrease. With time, the water from sinks and tubs will appear unclean, may begin to smell bad and taste bad too.

The hardest situation which could happen due to this is having hidden water leaks within walls, in ceilings, or in a foundation slab. This will cause a lot of harm to ones house should it go unseen for too long.

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